Charity DeFi Project MUNCH Goes Live on Pancake Swap

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Defi charitable project, MUNCH today announces bridge to the Binance network and their listing on Pancake Swap from June 9th.

MUNCH, the leading charitable crypto project today announced that the token is now available on the Binance network, and the trading platform Pancake swap.

MUNCH is an ERC20 token, built on the Ethereum blockchain. Usually, this limits tokens to trading exclusively on the Ethereum network or centralized exchanges. By Using a ‘bridge’ functionality, users are now able to buy and sell MUNCH with BNB.

MUNCH CEO, Rodrigo Silva said of the bridge, “This bridge is going to bring MUNCH to a whole new community and MUNCH is all about the power of community. We’re excited to see where this could take us and the causes we support.”

The MUNCH project uses a DEFI protocol to divert transaction fees to community-chosen causes. In just a month since launch, they have raised over $2.7M for the charities GiveWell and The Yellow Brick Road Project, combined. Listing on the Binance blockchain will open this project to a whole new community of crypto enthusiasts.

A new community to reach

One of the advantages of listing on the Binance network is that investors can take advantage of far lower fees than are currently charged on the Ethereum network, using Uniswap.

This means investors looking to buy lower amounts of MUNCH don’t see their investment swallowed by fees. This opens up the world of MUNCH to a new audience of retail investors that are discovering the world of DeFi. The philosophy behind MUNCH is that community power accumulates into major impact so we expect this new community to have a major impact on our goals and causes.

Another advantage is the community that comes with the Binance network. Binance has helped pioneer many DeFi projects flourish and has a keen and knowledgeable community that comes with it. Many crypto investors prefer the Binance network for things like its ease of use, interface, and the specific tokens that choose to be Binance-exclusive.

To make the experience easier for new investors, MUNCH has built a custom interface. This will allow the new Binance community, and those looking to move tokens between chains, to have a uniform, seamless, and smooth experience. This MUNCH Binance Bridge Project is a major step forward in cross-compatibility in the blockchain and Defi space.

Learn more about the MUNCH project here.

Join the MUNCH Telegram here

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