Ed Carpenter with His Bitcoin Chevrolet Comes Fifth on Indy 500

Ed Carpenter, who was racing with the Bitcoin logo on his car, finished 5th on one of the most exciting racing events in the US – the Indy 500. This is a considerable achievement for BTC Chevrolet 21 as the Indianapolis competition consisted of 33 participants.

BTC on The Runway

Ed Carpenter – one of the most prominent US automobile racers – gave the audience another great show and finished 5th out of 33 participants on the final ranking on Indy 500, but this time with the Bitcoin symbol on his car. Hours before the start, he praised the primary cryptocurrency and revealed his excitement to race for its cause:

”Today, we make history. Today, ECRIndy is proud to race for human freedom, financial inclusivity, saving technology, and Bitcoin development. Bitcoin is the hardest money mankind has ever conceived. There is nothing more I’d rather suit up for.”

Ed Carpenter and his team. Source:Twitter

Earlier this month, when the news was announced, Carpenter showed even greater support towards the digital asset:

”To bring my personal interest and immersion in Bitcoin to our industry is historic. Just as Bitcoin is revolutionizing our financial system, I see it as an opportunity to transform how we operate within our own motorsport industry.”

One of the most entertaining moments during the race was the competition between BTC Chevrolet 21 and the PNC Bank-sponsored car. Somewhat expectedly, the bitcoin supporters noticed the irony of how the latter ran out of fuel and stopped to refill while Ed Carpenter passed by it with full speed.

Like every year, Indianapolis 500, formerly known as the Indianapolis 500-mile race, offered a great show to the fans. This was the 105th edition of the competition described as the ”Greatest Spectacle in Racing.”

BTC in Sports

This is not the first case when the logo of the digital asset is displayed on a car race. Last summer, as CryptoPotato reported, Darrel ”Bubba” Wallace – who is the only African-American to win the popular competition – carried the symbol while racing on NASCAR.

Bitcoin stepped in into soccer too. In 2019, the major English football club Watford FC put the logo on their Premier League players’ jersey shirts.

Back then, the football team also announced they are trying to bring even more awareness to BTC and accept the cryptocurrency as a payment method for many merchandise purchases.

Feature Image Source: Twitter

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