Pera Finance to Hold SEED SHO on DAO Maker

[Press Release – Istanbul Turkey, 30 May 2021]

Pera Finance, the first trading and yield farming protocol has just announced that its Seed Strong Holder Offering (SHO) will take place on the 2nd of June, 2021. This announcement was made on Twitter and since then the community round of funding has gone live.

The SHO itself is being carried out on DAO Maker, which is a popular and respected provider of funding frameworks and different growth technologies targeted to startups. It has been stated that an SHO is a pioneering solution for creating a tailored project community that is made up of the project’s needed characteristics.

The SEED element of the fundraising comprises specialized seed rounds that make it so that projects can make bigger allocations during fundraising. This allow more individuals to participate in token sales.

Some of the touted benefits of the Pera Finance platform are:

High volumes of trade attract liquidity to the platform.
Competitive trade farming to generate transaction fees and sustainability.
Wide-spread use cases to ensure an effective financial ecosystem.

An SHO is a different form of raising finance. It’s a fundraising service that works specifically for public rounds of funding. This technique uses a form of advanced analytics to identify the individuals that are best suited to the needs of the project.

This allows them to target the investors that they actually want and need. A benefit for the investors is that refunds can be coded in if certain performance targets are not hit. This makes sure that only legitimate and strong projects try to fundraise from an SHO. It also makes investors more likely to part with their money as they feel reassured.


As a part of the community round of the SHO, there will be 50 available winners and they will each receive $100 in allocations for the project. It should be noted that to participate in the community round, users will need to join the Twitter and Telegram communities for Pera Finance.

Users will also be required to have a BEP-20 Wallet address to participate. The merit round of funding begins on the 2nd of June 2021.

The merit round itself is the main round of participation in the SHO, where only DAO holders can participate. The allocations for this round will be much larger than what was seen in the community round, which had a smaller allocation of $5,000. Users can still participate in later rounds, provided they meet the requirements.

‘To participate in the merit round, users will be required to hold at least 500 DAO tokens. It should also be noted that users will need to review whether their country is eligible to participate.  These limitations are due to the legislation surrounding cryptocurrency and blockchain funding in these countries. Users are urged to check whether their country is on a blacklist or not.

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About Pera Finance

Pera Finance offers a sustainable and self-sufficient DeFi Protocol and was co-founded in 2020 by the project’s management team. The project aims to solve two key problems that currently exist in the DeFi space.

The first problem is that most DeFi Project tokens are poorly designed and the second is that many DeFi projects struggle to sustain themselves after the hype. Pera Finance seeks to address the poor yield farming structure within DeFi projects to fix these problems.

Another common problem that Pera Finance is seeking to change is that financial incentives in DeFi projects are rarely worthwhile.

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