RarifyApps Launch Rare Staking on xDai Chain Making High Interest Yields Possible Worldwide

RarifyApps just launched a new high yield DeFi application made possible by the xDai Stake Ethereum sidechain. After only a week since the app debut, the price of Rare Coin nearly doubled while the rest of the market tumbled on the Honeyswap DEX as users rushed to the app to lock in liquidity to earn yields up to 700% Apr in the Rare Stakers app. This is all possible due to Rare Coin’s unique tokenomics which reserves 50% of the total supply exclusively for Stakers while the other 50% is openly and equally distributed daily in the Rare Claimers app. But that’s not all, additional yield is generated by trading fees in the Honeyswap dex, fees generated by the app itself, and direct profit-sharing from a growing list of other apps by the developer like the Rare Lotto App coming in June 2021.

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